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Ship crew tokens

Sci-fi tokens for your virtual tabletop RPG games.

This package contains 35 tokens:

Player characters

  • 3x Teamster
  • 2x Scientist
  • 2x Android
  • 2x Marine
  • 2x Vacsuit 
  • 1x Battlesuit
  • 1x Teamster in loader exoskeleton


  • 2x Worker
  • 2x Worker vacsuit
  • 1x Android
  • 3x Colonist
  • 1x Worker in loader exoskeleton
Sci-Fi loader tokens


  • 2x Yellow goo
  • 2x Cargo container
  • 1x Empty loader
  • 1x Ammo box


  • 2x Alien worm
  • 1x Alien bug
  • 1x Alien humanoid
  • 1x Alien bat
  • 2x Alien infrared signature (for invisible creatures)

Does your crew need a ship too? Check out my ship package!

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Support, community, and requests: https://discord.gg/2zsvMkKeW5

Personal Use Only, Do Not Distribute!

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enemy-tokens.zip 12 kB

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nice, what license for these?

Personal use only for these. I'm working on a Commercial License for my assets, you can find me on Discord if you have questions: https://discord.gg/Nf6hrUyEvc