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Spaceship patches

This package contains spaceship handouts for your sci-fi TTRPG sessions: Deckplans for VTT, and printable PDF-s for live sessions, tokens, patches, infrastructure maps, and more...

Printable spaceship deckplans

The Fleet:

Princess Noriko - Luxury space yacht *
CS Daedelus - Container cargo ship *
The Heracles - Scientific ship
Wasabi - Cargo ship *
Taconite - Research Vessel *
Griffin - Short-range fighter *
Orinoco - Mining Frigate
Pegasus - Cargo ship
Zephyros - Cargo ship
Seagull - Interstellar freighter #
Wild Duck - Headhunter's best choice #
Escape Vector - Cargo ship

You can find additional deck plans and handouts on my Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/lazarusthecartographer

* MothershipRPG stats included in printable A5 pdf format (v0)
# Network structure plan included based on The Hackers Handbook

Pregenerated Mothership RPG sheets
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GenreRole Playing
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princess-noriko.zip 175 kB
daedalus.zip 1 MB
the-heracles.png 7 kB
wasabi.zip 2 MB
griffin-fighter.zip 4 MB
orinoco.zip 3 MB
takonite.zip 2 MB
pegasus.zip 12 MB
zephyros.zip 3 MB
seagull.zip 10 MB
wild-duck.zip 33 MB
escape-vector.zip 6 MB

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This catalog is really fantastic, the diversity of ships conjures up many ideas for space shenanigans and the matching patches and various assets are a nice touch for online play. Love this pack and can't wait to use it in play!


Thank you!


These are really beautiful.

(1 edit)

Thank you!
I experiment with a new style at the moment so a new ship will leave the docks soon...