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Printable Hexcrawl Sheets for your tabletop RPG games

Don't know how to start drawing an hexmap?  These tutorials will help:


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Hexcrawl-Region-7x7.pdf 2 MB
Hexcrawl-Region-5x5.pdf 1 MB
Hexcrawl-Region-11x10.pdf 3 MB
Hexcrawl-HexOnly-9x7.pdf 183 kB
Hexcrawl-Examle-Dalnach-Lake-Area.pdf 5 MB

Development log


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Thanks a lot for these!


Would it be possible to get an 8x8 region version?

I think I’ve been swayed to try a 3-mile hex and then an 8x8 is perfect for a day’s travel!

Something like this? Much bigger with less space for the letters and numbers.

(1 edit)

I was thinking like the 7x7 Region version you have but increased ever so slightly if that still allowed for the notes section.

I’m no graphic designer though, so maybe it would need to be 2-pager like the 11x10 Region you have already?

EDIT: Also thanks for such a fast reply, wasn’t expecting that!

The number of columns must be odd, I made a 5x5 and a 7x7 version previously, so the next step is 9x9 (as above in my previous comment). I'll try to build it this weekend.


Cool tool!


Very cool. Thank you


thanks for making this, so well done!


this is such a useful and simple tool! Thanks!

Thanks so much!