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Do you enjoy planning adventures on paper, but get scared of the structurelessness of blank sheets? Use these campaign planner sheets, print them out, and design thrilling sci-fi adventures that will expand your players' horizons. This package includes 9 printable aids (5 of them are free), and more are planned. Each of them also has a more contrasting version, in case your printer struggles with faint lines...

Sci-Fi Campaign Sheets by Lazarus

Take a look at my Sci-Fi random table collection as well: https://gm-lazarus.itch.io/sci-fi-random-tables

Included sheets

  • Spacecraft deck plan sheet, medium squares, A4, US Letter: free
  • Spacecraft deck plan sheet, large squares, A4, US Letter: pro
  • Sector sheet, medium hex tiles, A4, US Letter: free
  • Sector sheet, large hex tiles, A4, US Letter: pro
  • Planet sheet, northern hemisphere, A4, US Letter: free
  • Planet sheet, southern hemisphere, A4, US Letter: pro
  • Planet sheet, outline, A4, US Letter: pro
  • Note block A4, US Letter: free
  • Note block A5, Half Letter: free

Future plans

  • NPC sheet A4, A5
  • NPC quick list, A4, A5
  • Random table sheet, d100, A4
  • Random table sheet, d20, A5
  • Planet Sheets, A5
  • Asteroid sheets, A4, A5

Useful Resources

I've gathered some useful resources that can help you in creating Sci-Fi campaigns:


Support, community, and requests: https://discord.gg/2zsvMkKeW5

Personal Use Only, Do Not Distribute (this does not apply to the filled-in sheets, those are already yours)!

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Sci-Fi Campaign Sheets - A4 - Pro - Compressed.zip 20 MB
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(1 edit) (+1)

any chance for Letter size?

btw, what a great resource. great job all around and a completely solid design—exactly what i'd expect from every Lazarus project! 🖤🤓

Yes, but I can't give you a date yet.


all good!


+1 for letter plz! These are great btw


I uploaded some US letter sized sheets




I just paid for the Pro upgrade! Thank you. Looks like the Letter pack is missing the 'Notes' stuff from the A-sheets.

Thank you! A future update will include the notepads.

I have added the US Letter note sheets


thanks so much!


I'd like to suggest that you allow reuse once the sheets have been filled in.


I've added this exception, so the restriction doesn't apply to the filled-in sheets; you can freely share them.


Wow! I love this. well done!


Thanks mate!