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VTT Starship Radar Screen

VTT Starship Radar Screen is a virtual tabletop asset pack to simulate complex space scenarios like dodge fights, encounters, wreck hunting, etc.

VTT Starship Radar Screen is available on the Roll20 Marketplace:

Included tokens

VTT Radar Screen tokens


Radar screen is made in 3 different layouts, square, circle and a small one:

VTT Starship Radar Screen Layouts

Color schemes

This package includes 5 color variants (cyan, orange, green, blue and red) for the radar screens and for the tokens:

VTT Spaceship Radar Screen color variants

Roll20 settings

VTT Spaceship Radar Screen Roll20 hex grid

Background color: #212529
Grid color: #212529, 50% opacity
Cell width: 50px
Screen size: 25x25 for square grid, 25x26 for hex (h) grid

VTT Spaceship Radar Screen Roll20 distance
Grid cell distance: 7,82 for 100 mile/km radius, 19.55 for 250 mile/km radius

Future plans

  • Square layout  ☑️
  • Color schemes  ☑️
  • Tokens for huge objects
  • Token for gravity phenomenon

Something missing from the radar screen for your VTT campign? Let me know in the comments below!

Compatible with: Mothership RPG, Traveller, Stars Without Number, Alien RPG, Star Frontiers, The Expanse RPG, Starfinder, Blue Planet, and more...

Support, community, and requests: https://discord.gg/2zsvMkKeW5

Personal Use Only, Do Not Distribute!

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Tags2D, battlemap, roll20, Sci-fi, Space, Tabletop, tabletop-role-playing-game, Tabletop role-playing game, User Interface (UI), vtt


Get this asset pack and 47 more for $24.99 USD
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VTT Starship Radar Screen

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What is the license? Can I use in my commercial projects (Google Play Store app, CodeCanyon template...)?

Personal Use Only at the moment but I'm working on a developer license pack.

okie then!


The new square radar screen already has some items displayed. Shouldn't it be empty like the round one, too? It's not complicated to edit it, but I wonder about the reason. 

Oh no! I fix it :)


Excellent design. Simple but very evocative. 

Thank you!