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Scientific Space Station is an adventure asset pack for your survival horror/sci-fi ttrpg session.

This package includes:

  • Detailed floor plans and diagrams in blueprint style
  • Handouts (information tables, security cards, etc.)
  • Tokens

Future goals:

  • More floor plans and tokens
  • Vent system, and support corridor plans
  • Adventure seeds
  • Labeled master plan
  • Printer-friendly assets
  • Detailed NPC-s and enemy creatures
  • Random encounter and loot tables

Regular updates and new items!

Recommended systemsTraveller, Cyberpunk 2020, Mothership RPG, Shadowrun, Paranoia, Stars Without Number, Blue Planet, ...

If you are interested in other sci-fi themed resources, check out my VTT creations: https://itch.io/c/1759098/lazarus-sci-fi-creations

September 12., 2020 - Astronaut tokens, and main ring floorplans (bottom, right, and docking bay)
December 26., 2020 - New floorplans (main ring bottom left part, restricted area), labor ape token
December 29., 2020 - New floorplans (communication center, main ring top, main ring left)
February 27., 2021 - Master plan, and alien token


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foorplans.zip 1 MB
main-level-master-plan.png 766 kB
information-table.jpg 582 kB
blueprint-diagram.png 833 kB
security-cards.zip 47 kB
tokens.zip 59 kB

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