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Progress clocks are an essential part of many TTRPG systems, like Blades in the Dark or Scum & Villainy. Good visual helpers in the GM-s hand, and a valuable tool to use in other systems too.

Printable RPG Progress Clocks

This package contains 12 different clock type in printer friendly A4 format.

Personal Use Only, Do Not Distribute!


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printable-rpg-clocks-mixed-3-4-5-6-7-8.pdf 1 MB
printable-rpg-clocks-mixed-10-12-14-15-20-24.pdf 1 MB
printable-rpg-clocks-3.pdf 1 MB
printable-rpg-clocks-4.pdf 1 MB
printable-rpg-clocks-5.pdf 1 MB
printable-rpg-clocks-6.pdf 1 MB
printable-rpg-clocks-7.pdf 1,001 kB
printable-rpg-clocks-8.pdf 1 MB
printable-rpg-clocks-10.pdf 1 MB


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Another great tool from Lazarus! Thank you!

Any chance of dropping jpgs or, better, pngs w/ transparent backgrounds that could be used on a VTT?

Thanks so much!

Yes I working on VTT versions.


Awesome! That will make a great tool even better.

Here it is: https://gm-lazarus.itch.io/vtt-progress-clocks


That's awesome!