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This package includes floorplans of The Gabriel a battleship, shot down in battle before entering hyperspace.

Adventure seeds:

    1. The characters are wreck hunters, they find the Gabriel right after it is exiting hyperspace, with mad marines in pressurized sections. Or the ship is full of dead soldiers, also the ship brought something from hyperspace, something that had feasted on the bodies of the dead so far, but already wanted to taste something fresh.
    2. The characters are part of the staff, the ship entered the hyperspace after huge damage, with serval malfunctions and low-pressure zones. Now the characters have to figure out how to bring the ship out of hyperspace, also facing something that is lurking in from hyperspace through the cladding leaks.

    Recommended systemsTraveller, Mothership RPG, Stars Without Number ...

    If you are interested in other sci-fi themed resources, check out my VTT creations: https://itch.io/c/1759098/lazarus-sci-fi-creations

    CategoryPhysical game
    Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
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    GenreRole Playing
    Tagsbattleship, Dungeon Crawler, Horror, maps, Sci-fi, spaceship, Survival Horror, trpg


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    What is the license for this? Could I use this ship design in a game jam or a commercial game if I purchase?

    You can use it, but please add a link to the project page

    I'll add a link similar to 'Ship design inspired by Lazarus' Gabriel Fallen - https://gm-lazarus.itch.io/gabriel-fallen' To the credits page in-game. Does this sound good?

    Yes, thank you